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Shipping Charges
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     Our site for online purchases is automated and will add shipping charges to your order under $95.00.

     We make every attempt to ship your order the next business day. However, be aware that delays DO occur and there will be times we will not be able to meet this criteria due to circumstances such as high product demand, depletion of inventory, delays in carrier's shipment schedules, weather, or circumstances beyond our control. Please allow at least seven to ten business days to receive your order. 

     You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your order. You will also receive a confirmation email once your order is shipped. We use USPS Priority Mail for all shipments, however, occasionally we will use USPS First Class Mail, whichever is more cost effective for us.

     Shipping charges are a flat rate and are applied automatically to your order when you place your order. Shipping charges are tiered. 


TIER 1  $0.01 - $27.95                 $7.00


TIER 2  $27.96 - $59.99              $10.00


TIER 3  $60.00 - $94.99             $13.00 


OVER $95.00                  FREE SHIPPING  

TIER 4 International Orders $25.00 FLAT RATE - (0.01 - 69.95)


TIER 4 International Orders $45.00 FLAT RATE - (69.96 - 99.75)


TIER 5 International Orders $65.00 FLAT RATE - (99.76 - 179.50)


TIER 6 International Orders $85.00 FLAT RATE - (179.51 - 338.85)


TIER 7 International Orders $95.00 FLAT RATE - (338.86 and up)


     Questions regarding your order  can be sent to our Customer Service department by calling 505-906-9224, or send us  an email to


     We value you our loyal customers and your business.



     We will ship to INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS. We charge a flat rate beginning at $25.00 PER ORDER for International shipments which increases according to package weight.

     We are not responsible, nor will we give refunds for orders seized by Customs in an International Destination, where the product is not returned to us by Customs. Some countries will not allow our products to enter due to regulations. Please check with your Customs Office regarding the receiving of our products into your country. It is advisable for you to print a copy of our INGREDIENTS LIST and contact Customs in your area to be sure your country will allow entry of our products.  


If product is damaged during shipment, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the carrier. You will be responsible for the cost for new product and any shipping charges that apply.

     Thank you again for your interest in our amazing products. Here is to your health.


     Customer Service


      Once your order is placed, we begin the process of packing and shipping you order to you. Once it is packed to leave our facility, postage has already been charged to ship the product to you. Customers who wish to cancel their order can refuse the delivery once it arrives, and we can cancel the purchase after you the customer receive it and return it to us. You will be responsible for paying shipping charges on packages returned to us. For this reason we ask that if you the customer wish to cancel your order for any reason, please do so within a 24 hr. period from the time you place your order with us.

     Much time, effort and attention is given to each order. There is a tremendous amount of paperwork that goes into a cancellation of an order. The time and materials we use to process your request, as well as postage paid to ship your order free of charge to you, all drives up cost if the order is cancelled. We pay double shipping for each order a customer makes - the charge we pay to receive the product and the charge we pay to ship it to you. Orders cancelled before receiving their shipment will be issued a store credit as a refund. Should you decide to cancel your order, refunds will be applied AS A STORE CREDIT. 

     We make every effort to ship your order in a professional and timely fashion and wish that every order arrives at its specified destination fresh.

     Thank you again for your interest in our excellent products.